A Fun Way to Save Your Child’s Masterpieces

February 22, 2010 at 3:31 am (Uncategorized)

My son Logan called me into the living room one day to show me something he had made. He was about 5 at the time. He warned me that there were some scary monsters in there. He took my hand and led me in. The little guy had arranged several drawings throughout the room he had made of monsters. So creative! I played along and acted scared each time he showed me one.

I try to pair down the kid’s projects and just keep my favorites. I loved all of Logan’s monster drawings and wanted to think of a fun way to keep them. I decided to make a story book out of them. (I am a graphic designer by day, mom by night.) Here are some photos of the project from start to finish. It turned out really well.

The monster drawings

The monster drawings

These were the drawings Logan surprised me with. I scanned them all individually and saved as jpeg files. Any smudges I took out in Photoshop. It really worked out well that Logan did these as a “series.” All of the drawings were similar and worked well together.

The cover

I used two fonts for the book. Both had a hand drawn, sketchy look to them. I used the eyes of the monster for “O’s” to make the word Book.

Inside cover and first page

Inside cover and first page

I used another of Logan’s drawings for the inside cover and back cover. I liked all the colors he used. It was a great contrast to all the white space used throughout the book.

The first character, Winstin. (Winstin is Logan.)

The main character of the story, Winston. (Winston is Logan)

When I wrote the story to go with Logan’s drawings, I based the story on him and all the things he liked to do at the time. The main character, Winston, is Logan in the story. Actually, all the characters are Logan, except Zoe, which is a girl.

More pages of the book. I used the monster drawings in varying sizes and angles, bleeding some off the pages. This helped to illustrate the story and create interest on the pages.

I summarized the story by showing each monster friend again and talking about what fun things they did with Winston.

Back Cover

I created an “Artist Bio” for the back cover and included a photo of Logan. I also scanned in his signature and placed it on the back. I had the cover laminated to make it more durable. I scored all the pages down the center to fold as well as the cover. The book’s binding is a double saddle stitch (stapling).

From start to finish

This photo shows all the pieces used to create the final book project. I really enjoyed working on the book and Logan loves it. He took it to school for show and tell and the teacher read it to the class.


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Old Man Winter, Go Away!

February 20, 2010 at 3:31 am (Uncategorized)

Here are a few photos from the latest winter blast we have been blessed with. This is looking out my backdoor, into our yard. As you can see by the height of the snow on the tables, we got quite a bit. Lucky us, more snow is forecasted for Sunday. On a positive note, it is the perfect snow to build snowmen with. It is also beautiful, especially from the warmth of my home!

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The “F” word

February 20, 2010 at 3:26 am (Uncategorized)

Mention “F” word and what immediately comes to mind?  The mother of all “F” words, THE “F” word. Well, not in the case of my seven year old, Logan or so I had hoped.

Logan is the “bad word” police in our house, the enforcer. His list consists of hate, stupid, dumb, fat and the really bad word, crap. So, the other day when I picked the boys up from the sitter, he quickly informed me that a boy had been saying bad words. Really? What did he say? In my mind, I’m running through all the regulars, thinking he is going to say one of those. Well, he proceeds to tell me the boy said the “F” word. What??? What do you mean? You are only seven, how old was this boy? I push a little more, what “F” word?

Logan is currently in the first grade and is learning amazingly fast how to read and spell. Because of this, he is constantly sounding out words and spelling them to me. After lots of prodding on my part, he decides to tell me, well spell it for me. “F. A. T. Fat. The boy said fat mom!!!” Fat? While trying not to laugh, I proceed to tell him, “Yes Logan, fat is not a nice word and we do not call anyone that name. However, fat is not the “F” word.” Of corse he wants to know what is the “F” word then. I assure him it is really bad, I’m not going to tell him and in the future, not to call fat the “F” word.

Fast forward a few weeks to Logan’s cub scout outing. This is his first year as a cub scout (Go Den 3!)  and somehow I have managed to take on the roll as his co-den leader. Still not sure how that happened. Anyway, our latest “Go See It” activity was a tour of our local sheriff department and jail. You can image how excited and a little scared a group of first grade boys would be! I was a little excited and scared to see it too! The boys had a good time. They got fingerprinted, got to see the booking area and a few of the cells. I think they also realized that it was not a place they would ever want to have to stay in.

We decided to take a group photo in one of the cells. The boys all get on the top bunk, smiling, ready for the photo. All of a sudden, the boys start trying to sound something out. I’m sure you can guess what kind of words would be written on a jail cell wall. I look behind me in time to hear F. U. C. K. The letters are coming out of those little, innocent mouths. They put it together and say the word, F—. Followed of course by, You. Wow, there it is, THE F WORD!!! Logan looks at me and says, “Oh, so THAT’s the F word.” Which was followed by, “What does that mean anyway? It sounds like Luck.” We quickly exited the cell as well as the jail. I’m sure I am up for some kind of cub scout leader of the year award.

I so wish that my little angel still thought that it meant fat. I guess you can’t keep them sheltered forever. On a lighter note, most would agree that “Luck” and “F—” have a lot to do with each other. You sometimes need one for the other!

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Layne’s Chapstick Adventure

February 19, 2010 at 6:04 pm (Uncategorized)

(This happened a while back. I had posted this story originally on my Facebook site. Still very funny!)

I have to share the latest antics of my youngest child Layne. First of all, Layne is two, almost three and a complete 180 of his older brother. Very strong-willed, ornery as all get out, no fear of punishment, but just as cute as can be. He uses that cute part a lot!

Recently the boys began sharing a room in preparation for their new baby brother. Logan’s bunk beds were separated so each could have their own bed. It has been working out pretty well, Layne enjoys being a “big” boy like Logan.

So, last night I checked on the boys after they had been in bed for a while, as I always do each night. My sweet angel Logan was fast asleep. It only takes him about a minute to fall into his sleep coma for the night. Layne on the other hand, can take upwards of an hour. (By the way, he is a sweet angel too!) Layne had managed to sneak into Logan’s bed again. He waits for Logan to pass out, which like I said, doesn’t take long at all, and then climbs in bed with him. Layne was still awake.

I walked over to the bed to get Layne and noticed that Logan’s face had a shinny glow to it with clumps of some kind of substance. Earlier that night, Logan had found some flavored chapstick in my bathroom and I said he could use some. Well, you guessed it, Layne took it upon himself to “moisturize” Logan’s entire face. I asked Layne if he had put the chapstick on Logan’s face. He said,  “yes, it’s chocolate cookie flavor!” Yummy, I guess that makes it ok then. I then asked where the tube of chapstick was, a dumb question I know. Layne informed me it was all gone, he had used the entire tube on Logan’s face.

What can you do but laugh.

By the way, Logan never woke up. He slept through both the application and removal of the chapstick!

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The wrong spot

February 18, 2010 at 1:01 am (Uncategorized)

Last night I was in our master bath, washing my face, brushing my teeth, all the things you do to get ready for bed. Just outside the bathroom door is a tall dresser. I’d like to say I share it with my husband, Tom, but I don’t. It’s crammed full of my stuff along with the two closets in our room. I have cleaned, organized and purged several times, but it somehow keeps filling back up. Anyway, the dresser in our room. As I was leaving the bathroom, Layne my second child, jumps out from behind the dresser and shouts “Boo!”

The culprit

I let out a scream so loud you would have thought I saw an intruder with a gun, not a three year old with a big silly grin. I jumped back, hit the bed and fell to the floor. Did I scare you mommy? Um yeah, you think? Before thinking, I blurted out, “you scared me so bad, I peed my pants!” I didn’t really, but after giving birth to three babies, I’m sure my day is coming! Layne immediately hops up to come check on me and just as quickly puts his hand on the front of my pants and says, “no you didn’t mommy, I don’t feel any pee.” Well, thanks buddy for checking that out for me. The only problem is my “pee” wouldn’t have been in that spot.

Watch out Layne, I’m going to jump out and scare you when you least expect it.

Note to self, we are going to have to talk about some differences in boy and girl parts 🙂

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The Missing Coat

February 1, 2010 at 4:54 am (Uncategorized)

We hadn’t been to church for awhile. A new baby, school, work, a husband’s shift that well, shifts, you get the picture. I decided it was time to get back. I had all three kids dressed, packed and loaded. Off we went.

Wednesday night is Awana’s night, a youth program at our church, preschool through sixth grade. Logan and Layne were excited to get to there. The church has a nice, new gym with lot’s of room for them to run around in. (It has been a long winter. We have already had over 30″ of snow and many sub-zero temperatures!)

The boys ran into church, chucked their coats on the floor and sprinted off to play with their friends. I got them signed in and said my goodbyes. Layne didn’t want me to leave, so Lucas and I stayed for awhile and watched Cubby Bear and friends (the puppet show characters). Once Layne was settled, we slipped out.

Back home, I enjoyed one-on-one time with Lucas. He is growing so fast, almost a year now! Our hour together went very quickly and before I knew it, it was time to pick up the boys. So, I once again got Lucas in his coat, packed his bag, strapped him in his car seat and off we went.

The kids were playing in the gym when we got there. I had Layne in his coat but couldn’t find Logan’s coat. It wasn’t on the ground were I saw him take it off. It wasn’t in his classroom. Wasn’t hanging in the coat closet (that would be to easy). I asked Logan where his coat was, he said,”It’s in the car.” So, I handed Lucas off to a friend, ran out to the car, no coat. By this time, several of the other parents and church members are helping me look. Once again I ask Logan, “where’s your coat?”  “I didn’t wear one.”  What? You didn’t wear one. It is freezing outside. I wouldn’t have let you out of the house without a coat. I know you wore one.

Finally, under a big pile of coats, I find his. Funny, it didn’t have the hood attached. Logan must have taken it off. Also, didn’t I buy him a size seven this year? I had the coat on him, zipped up, ready to go. Another mom stops us. “Hey, that’s my son’s coat”. That explains the no hood and wrong size.

One more trip out to the car, no coat. Finally, after reassurance that everyone would be called tonight to make sure they didn’t get home with the wrong coat, we leave without Logan’s coat. The entire way home I lecture Logan about losing his coat. What are you going to do for a coat? It’s freezing out! You have got to be more responsible for your things.

Home at last. I get everyone unbuckled, unloaded and inside. What is that hanging on our coat rack? Logan’s missing coat! The coat he told me several times he did not wear. Wow,  I did let my son out of the house without a coat. I guess he did know were it was.

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Life with the LZ boys

February 1, 2010 at 4:08 am (Uncategorized)

Life with the LZ boys. Three boys. To be more specific, my three boys, each spaced three years apart. If someone would have told me I was going to have  three sons, I wouldn’t have believed them. In grade school, my friends and I would pick out names for our future children. Funny, we always picked girls’ names.

Now, more years later than I like to admit, I found myself picking out boy names. Logan, Layne and Lucas. My boys are everything boys are known to be; loud, wild, dirty, fearless.  They are also loving, protective, creative and …fearless!

This blog is dedicated to them. All their funny stories and adventures. Their creative masterpieces. The moments that make me think I will surely pull all of my hair out and the moments that make my heart so full I think it may burst.

My boys in one word, awesome!

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